What is Revision Rhinoplasty?

Is revision rhinoplasty required?

Revision rhinoplasty is performed when nasal function problems and outer appearance problems of patients who had undergone a primary rhinoplasty continue or worsen. Literature shows that every 1 out of 4 patients need a revision rhinoplasty.

Even though this rate is lower in case of well experienced surgeons, sometimes patients need to have a second surgery due to dissatisfaction, recovery problems, and technical problems in surgery. In general revision rhinoplasty requires performance of a limited number of corrective tasks and most of the time the surgery is completed in a very short time. Patients who need a secondary surgery should be much more careful and seek for a competent surgeon that understand their situation, make consistent judgments, have a comprehensive knowledge about the situation and make the required revision.

First of all it should be known that it is wrong for patients who feel the need for a revision to be scared of undergoing a surgery once again. You don’t have to live with a nose that makes you unhappy, that does not satisfy you, that is blocked and cause you problems while breathing.

It is very important to know that there is an experienced doctor who adopted the concept of nose. You should understand that the doctor you need is the one who understand that rhinoplasty is not just an ordinary surgery, it is the meeting point of art, science and aesthetic and that doctor should be ready to put all his energy and concentration on this issue. 

Of course it is not easy to perform surgery on noses that require a revision rhinoplasty. Because it is possible that many support points of the nose is damaged and dislocation of cartilage and bone structure is possible. Surgeon may not always be able to estimate the condition of the nose before the surgery. If cartilages are removed, cartilage grafting from other parts of the body, ear or ribs maybe necessary to reshape.

In summary don’t be unhappy or hopeless. I recommend you to find a surgeon who adopts a nose concept that blends nature with aesthetic and to discuss all your problems with this surgeon frankly.

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