Dermal Fillers


Time, sun exposure, smoking, stress … These factors causing skin aging reveal themselves the most on our face. Wrinkles, lines and sagging arise mainly due to diminishing of fat and connective tissue in deeper layers of your skin and less often due to loss of bone density. These tissues should be supported externally. Wrinkles and facial lines should be smoothened and depressed parts of the skin should be raised. This way you will have a more fresh, youthful and smooth face reversing the signs of ageing.

Hyaluronic acid is one of the most used dermal filler and it is a natural sucrose derivative. This is naturally produced in human body and is responsible for tightness of the skin and has the capacity to absorb water, more than its own volume. Since it is an anti-allergic substance and maintains its form for a long time, it is one of the most preferred dermal filler .

Application is very practical. Dermal filler is injected under wrinkled skin. This procedure last around 15-20 minutes, without any significant pain and anesthetic creams may be applied before the procedure. Since this does not interfere with social and work life of the person, the procedure can be carried out even at lunch breaks. Results are extremely satisfying and visible and the procedure may be continued according to expectations of the individual.If you consider having rhinoplasty surgery, contact us right away to get a free consultancy service from Prof. Dr. Selçuk İnanlı.