Rhinoplasty – Nose Job


What is Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)?

Nose is a multi-functional and significant organ. For this reason, patients who are uncomfortable with their nose need to be examined meticulously before the operation and undergo an accurate face analysis.

Anyone may dislike a feature about their nose when they check themselves in the mirror. Throughout history of aesthetic art, nose has always been perceived as the most important beauty element of the face. For this reason nose job has always been one of the most performed plastic surgery all around the world.

Rhinoplasty is an aesthetic and functional surgery performed to change both the inner and outer appearance of the nose. It includes various operations performed to reduce and enlarge the nose and lift the tip of the nose in order for the patient to have a healthy nose structure. Nose is right at the center of our face, being the most important element in terms of aesthetic appearance of our face. It is very important that nose is in harmony with the rest of the face.

Besides aesthetic concerns, nose has very important physiological duties. For example, it is the first entryway of the air that reaches to our lungs and air is humidified and heated while passing through the nose. This process is carried out by what is called ‘concha’. Sinuses inside the nose also play an important role in how our voices sound. Minimum curvatures of the nasal septum at the middle line of the nose, separating the left and right airways, containing cartilage at the front and bone at the end, needs to be corrected in the same session in order for the patient to breathe more comfortably. In order for the patient to breathe more comfortably and have a more natural nose that is in harmony with the rest of the face,Rhinoplasty and septorhinoplasty needs to be combined.