Aesthetic Eye Lid Surgery

Our social relations start eye-to-eye, by making an eye contact. So any slight change around the eye immediately catches our attention. However negative effects of ageing start to appear around the eye. Formation of eye bags around the eye and lines and wrinkles are both age-associated and genetic. Genetic pocket formation starting in early ages may require surgery to be performed earlier than usual.

So why does ageing show its impact first around the eye? Everything starts with gravity. As we all know the forehead stretches and slowly sag as one ages. This increases the load on our eyelid and our eyelids appear droopy.

The thin membrane holding the fat around the eye in place weakens with age allowing the fat to protrude. Soft tissues in the mid-face start sagging due to gravity and deep wrinkles start to form under the eye.

Generally in blepharoplasty, excessive skin and fat is removed together from upper eyelids. Lower eye-lids are a different situation. In case of lower eyelids, at times excessive fat bags are removed together with excessive skin and at other times, depending on sagging of the mid-face, fat tissue may be preserved and mid-face lift can be done. Your doctor will discuss the suitable technique in person and then decide. The purpose is to reverse the signs of ageing and help regain a youthful and fresh appearance. In some patients where eyelid sagging is extreme, visual impairment may be an issue. I recommend you to clarify with your doctor, before the operation, the changes you wish to see on your face