Why Should You Have Piezo Rhinoplasty

WHY SHOULD YOU HAVE PIEZO RHINOPLASTY? Rhinoplasty is one of the most commonly performed plastic surgeries in the world. The first modern rhinoplasty was performed in the USA in 1887. Although it has been more than a century since this first operation, much has remained the same about the operation. Despite advances in understanding the structure and function of the nose, ethnic nasal differences, social and psychological aspects of rhinoplasty, and long-term outcomes, classic rhinoplasty surgery is performed with the same method. Piezo rhinoplasty allows to shape the bone with the help of ultrasonic oscillations to precisely shape the nasal bones during the rhinoplasty procedure. Piezo rhinoplasty surgery, which has revolutionized rhinoplasty operations, is an innovative technology that enables precise work in the nasal and facial bones. Piezoelectric instruments use ultrasonic vibrations to shape the bone and do not damage soft tissues such as cartilage and skin. Thanks to ultrasonic vibrations, it is possible to change the appearance of the nasal bone while maintaining the surrounding soft tissue. It also provides improved precision. Asymmetrical and structural defects of the nose are corrected precisely with the piezo rhinoplasty method. It carefully transforms and changes the nasal cartilage during surgery to ensure adequate support of the nasal skin. Ultrasonic rhinoplasty is slightly different from traditional rhinoplasty, the device can only be used in open rhinoplasty procedures. When shaping the nasal bones, if the shape and width need to be changed, small precision instruments that allow intervention without damaging other nasal soft tissues are used with ultrasound technology. Piezo rhinoplasty is different because the nasal bones can be shaped by the sensitivity of an artist. The risk of error that may occur as a result of the operation is lower with this method. Unlike traditional devices, piezo technology allows the bone to be shaped without the risk of accidentally damaging soft tissues. It is a technology that can be adapted to many different uses. A series of special microchips adjusted according to the needs of rhinoplasty surgery, one of the most performed aesthetic operations in the world, have been produced for this method, used in dentistry for many years. The piezo rhinoplasty method has many advantages compared to classic rhinoplasty surgeries such as extremely precise shaping of the nasal bone, soft tissue protection, less edema and bruising, rapid healing, less postoperative pain, effortless and reliable operation. Ultrasonic rhinoplasty is a new motorized device that uses sound waves to contour the nose. The nose is reshaped, and the humps are removed. Unlike the old rhinoplasty methods, ultrasonic rhinoplasty only affects the bones and does not cause additional damage to other tissues. Less trauma is observed in the nose, and consequently bruising and swelling are less common. This method also means that there are fewer complications related to tissue and bone healing. Piezo rhinoplasty is generally performed as an open procedure. High success is achieved in targeted nose changes after the operation. The bone is precisely shaped, positioned and corrected during the procedure. Traditional instruments are replaced by piezoelectric instruments. The purpose in these operations is the same as in classic rhinoplasty; only the methods, techniques and instruments used make the difference. With piezo rhinoplasty, the removal of the nasal hump and reshaping of the nose can be performed without any errors. The entire operation can be carried out under control, with high precision and within the full field of vision. The patients heal rapidly, and a more precise result is obtained. Its new form allows the exact bone, which is desired to be controlled, to be seen and bone weakness to be closely monitored. Since piezo only affects the bones, and the procedure is carried out knowing that the soft tissues, skin or mucous membranes in the operation site will not be damaged, it offers a comfortable and reliable operation.