Differences between Female and Male Rhinoplasty

Differences between Female and Male Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is a special procedure that should be planned separately for each patient. Some patients just want to change the appearance of the external structure of their nose while some patients also require intervention in the internal structure due to breathing issues. Factors such as patients’ demands, age, gender, and skin should all be considered together in order to perform a good rhinoplasty surgery.

Both female and male candidates are interested in rhinoplasty today. However, the operation process should be planned and applied differently since there are some characteristic contrasts between female and male nose shapes.

The main differences between female and male nose structure are as follows:

-Female nose tip is more raised compared to male nose tip
-Male nose tip is bigger and wider
-Male nasal skin is thicker than female nasal skin
-Male nose bone and cartilage structures are thicker compared to female
-Male nasal ridge is coarser and flatter
-Female nasal ridge is more feminine and curved
-Male noses are longer and larger than female noses
-Female nose has a narrower angle between the tip of the nose and the lip.

Man nose is supposed to be more prominent in general while woman nose is less pronounced and more elegant. For this particular reason, a masculine appearance in women and a feminen appearance in men are avoided in rhinoplasty surgery in order to obtain a natural-looking result.  

The rhinoplasty techniques used for both sexes are the same: open and closed rhinoplasty. I personally prefer open technique since it gives more space to work on. The surgery takes about 4-5 hours and performed under general anesthesia. Patients are expected to be fully recovered within 2 weeks in general after the procedure.

What to Avoid?

The main intention of rhinoplasty is to create a nose shape that suits with the rest of the face. For instance, the nasal arch is completely removed and straightened in women while it’s left slightly sharper in men. Thus, a natural-looking, prominent and masculine nose shape is preserved in male patients, whereas more feminine and soft nose is revealed in female patients.

Male rhinoplasty is terminated after breathing issues and septum deviation are eliminated without softening the expression of the face or raising the nose tip. The nose tip lift is a frequently performed step in female rhinoplasty on the other hand. However, if the right angle is not obtained the results may be highly artificial and this is not desired by patients.

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