How is Otoplasty performed?

If people who are dissatisfied with the appearance of their ear and who decided to have this operation know what to expect, this will help the patient to be easier going and more satisfied with the result of the operation. Listen carefully to the suggestions your doctor makes and review all possibilities before reaching a decision. For your satisfaction, it is important to speak clearly with your doctor about your hesitations. Surgeon and patient should decide about the necessity of this surgery together.

Taking a detailed medical history review will minimize any problems that may arise after the surgery. Otoplasty takes approximately two hours. The angle of the head with the ear should be maximum 20° for women and 25° for men. The objective of the surgery is to lower the angle of the head with the ear and correct deformities on ear-flap.

An incision is made along the back of the ear that is compliant with the natural curve. Excessive skin and cartilage is removed. In some cases a large piece of cartilage is removed, reshaped and stitched back again with permanent sutures and in some cases cartilage is not removed at all but reshaped with permanent sutures. No matter what the purpose of this operation is to create a natural appearance by giving the right angle to the ear. Surgery is ended by applying sutures at the spot at the back of the ear.