What is the purpose of Nose Job?

What is the purpose of Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)?

Nose is the most eye catching organ on the face in aesthetic terms. A proper nose creates a natural balance and harmony on the face. Any external irregularity, blemishes the general look of the face, draws unnecessary negative attention and steals the role of other parts of the face. The main purpose of a nose job is to create a well balanced, smooth nose that is in harmony with the face in aesthetic and functional terms.

Before the surgery, patient and surgeon should discuss and clarify their expectations. Patient and surgeon should work on digital photos taken from different perspectives and determine the desirable form. Sometimes patients want to go under nose job with expectations that are impossible to fulfill. For example a patient may want a very crooked and bad looking nose to be turned into a perfect nose with a nose job or a patient may request his nose to be reduced extremely.

Experienced and competent surgeons avoid performing surgery on patients with requests that are impossible. The crucial objective to keep in mind in rhinoplasty is to protect nose functions and replace losses. Pathologies like deviated nasal septum, extreme enlargement of concha (concha bullosa), nasal polyposis, and chronic sinusitis detected at detailed nose examinations before surgery should be treated during the same procedure, ensuring that patient has a nose that is both functional and that appears natural.