Before Rhinoplasty

Before Surgery: Should I be scared?

There are some points to pay attention to before the operation. You should consult about any drugs you are currently using. I take digital photos from different angles in the first examination and carry out a nose analysis. I share the results of these analyses with my patients and show them how a strong, straight and correct nose should be.

Patient has to undergo a series of blood tests and examinations before the surgery to determine whether anesthesia may be performed on this patient. It is enough to go hungry for 8 hours before the surgery.

Almost every patient gets nervous and anxious about the operation and general anesthesia on the day of the surgery. For this reason I administer some drugs to calm you down a little. But above all you have to be positive and I think it will ease you to think that you will have a whole new nose after the surgery and it will be much better from now on.

Fears before surgery are generally about narcosis and fears after surgery are about pulling out of pads placed inside the nose. You should know that during surgery everything will be done to make you comfortable. For your safety, anesthetists will be observing all your vital activities through cutting edge technology monitors. Narcosis related problems are minimized thanks to developing technology and new anesthetic agents invented.  Narcosis applied during rhinoplasty is no different than narcosis applied in any other surgery.

I never used meters of pads placed inside the nose after surgery in old times. I only use 1 mm thick ovoid silicone discs at the inner section where cartilage is reshaped, which are extremely easy to pull out, without any pain.