Can Your Nose Tip Drop after Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Post Date: 1/20/2022


Can Your Nose Tip Drop after Rhinoplasty Surgery?

The more popular a plastic surgery operation becomes, the more rumors we hear about it. Perhaps among all plastic surgery procedures, the most performed procedure all over the world is rhinoplasty. One of the issues that patients frequently hear from their environment, and therefore they are most worried about is whether the tip of the nose drops after the surgery.

First of all, let's answer this: "Can the nose tip drop after rhinoplasty?" Yes, it can.

When the nose tip positions a little lower than the level of the nasal ridge after rhinoplasty surgery, this is called a drooping nose tip. A nose tip that is too low will cause an aesthetically undesirable appearance. In some cases, the tip of the nose can slide down almost to the lip. That happens either due to the patient's nose structure or due to unsuccessful rhinoplasty operations.

Even a well-performed rhinoplasty operation cannot guarantee that the patient will not experience any changes in the nose tip over the years. That's why the nose tip is making slightly more raised in rhinoplasty surgeries: if it tends to drop after a few years, it will shift into its proper alignment, and a very natural appearance emerges. 

The definitive results of rhinoplasty are visible after a year. The edema and swellings that occur after the surgery go down during this time and show the new shape of the nose. Patients with thick and oily skin need more patience because this period can be up to 2 years in their case.

As we mentioned, the tip of the nose may drop slightly even if the rhinoplasty procedure doing with the proper technique. However, if your nose tip has fallen exaggeratedly and has caused an unnatural appearance, there is a high probability that a wrong surgical procedure has been performed. That's usually seen after operations where more cartilage and tissue are removed than necessary. You need to wait at least six months and observe the shape of the nose thoroughly to make a final decision on this issue. If you notice that your nose tip continues to slide down even though the edema and swelling have decreased, you may need revision rhinoplasty surgery.

Remember that as long as it's operating by an experienced surgeon, "nose tip drop" is uncommon. For this, you should make sure that you choose a good surgeon and communicate well with your doctor.If you consider having rhinoplasty surgery, contact us right away to get a free consultancy service from Prof. Dr. Selçuk İnanlı